Ding Dong Cake


°210 g of flour
°200 g of sugar
°90 g cocoa powder
°2 cases of baking soda
°1 case of baking powder
°1 tsp of salt
°110 g of oil
°2 eggs
°2 cases of vanilla extract
°200 g semi-liquid cream
°230 g of coffee (1 cup)
°5 cases of flour
°100ml milk
°1 case of vanilla extract
°230 g of butter
°1 case of sugar
°200g milk chocolate (bar)
°15 cl fresh cream

methods :

Preheat the oven to
Mixing all ingredients in the blender for 5 min.
Pour to one mold or 2 molds.
Baking for 35-40 min,
Cutting cake in 2.
In saucepan putting flour with milk, stir & whisk like  béchamel, adding sugar and vanilla extract.
Leave to cool & beat this cream with a blender and adding butter to whip it up like a chatilly.
Garnish ed cake & close.
Melting chocolate & the cream.
Pour on cake, smooth, decorate also refrigerate to ready to serving
Enjoy !

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