Discover the secret of the shrimp cocktail in pink sauce!

Shrimp cocktail with pink sauce is a classic dish of Latin American cuisine, especially popular in countries like Mexico and Peru. It consists of cooked shrimp served in a pink sauce made with ketchup, mayonnaise, lemon juice and other condiments, providing a delicious balance of sweet and spicy. It is a refreshing and tasty starter, … Read more


Discover happiness in every bite with our soft madeleines. Made with love, these little wonders offer a light texture and a delicately sweet taste. Ideal to accompany a coffee or for a gourmet break, madeleines are an essential classic of pastry. Easy to prepare, they will delight sweet lovers. Let yourself be carried away by the simplicity and delicacy … Read more


These marbled muffins are a delicious combination of vanilla and cocoa flavors, perfect for a gourmet break at any time of the day. The preparation is simple, mixing eggs, sugar, flour, yogurt and melted butter to make a light and fluffy dough. Next, divide the batter into two bowls, add cocoa powder to one and vanilla extract … Read more

Mom’s Famous Cream Puffs

LOVE CREAM PUFFS? THEN YOU MUST TRY MY MOM’S FAMOUS RECIPE!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! These cream puffs are unlike any others you may have had before. For my mom’s famous cream puffs, the secret lies in her amazing filling. Some try to pass off a filling of bland vanilla pudding. Not this time.h This filling does have … Read more

Loaded deviled eggs

In the world of appetizers, few dishes can match the irresistible charm of Loaded Deviled Eggs. These bite-sized beauties take the classic deviled egg to a whole new level, boasting a medley of flavors and toppings that elevate them to a culinary masterpiece. In this extensive 1500-word guide, we will unveil the secrets to crafting … Read more